Friday, June 8, 2012

"Where the Wild Things Are" Mural with Grandkids


We added their names on the wall with wooden letters using colors and patterns from the mural.

The windows looked so square, so I used foam and made some cute valances!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Extremely Large GREEN Wooden Monogram for Maggie's Wall

Extremely Large Custom Handmade Wooden Monograms & Wall Initials

48 inch wood monogram
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Today I installed a beautiful handmade wooden monogram for a sweet little girl named Maggie.  Maggie's mom is a wonderful family friend who I adore greatly, Amy of Amy Watts Designs.  After having two boys, Amy is enjoying all things pretty and pink (or green in this case).  Amy's mother (Maggie's grandmother) ordered the monogram from me as a gift for Amy.  I thought it was such a sweet thing to do.  They are sweet (patient) people, and it was a pleasure doing business with them.  

Maggie's large wood monogram is painted SW6712 Luau Green.  It is 37" tall by 47" wide and 3/4" thick and sits 1/2" off the wall.  It is hung 12" from the bottom of the crown moulding and 9" from the top of the crib.  It is the second largest wooden monogram I have made so far, and my first green one.  Every wooden monogram I create is delicate, but the ones with a W in the center are extremely fragile, and because this one is so large, I had to be oh so careful.  

Photos above show a wooden monogram (wall initials) for Maggie.