Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't get in the car with strangers.....

If you watch the news, you know it is a crazy world we live in today.
It is a mother's fear that something unexpected and awful could happen to her child/children at any given moment.  Over the past couple of months, I have been trying to teach my 3 year old daughter not to get in the car with strangers.  I have talked with many other Moms asking, "How do we teach them without scarring them?"  I don't want her to think the world is an awful place or to suspect every car that drives by her while walking or riding her bicycle is a potential threat..... or maybe I do.
Well, it seems like the talks we have had taught her something.  Today a limo came to the house to take my husband on a day trip and we thought it would be so cute and fun to have her sit in the limo and we could take her picture.  She thought the car was so cool as she approached it.  As the driver walked around and opened the door she stood and observed.  When he asked, "Would you like to get in the limo?" she yelled "NO!" and ran to me.  Lessons learned all around!  While I laughed at the situation, I was sad I didn't get the photo I imagined, but was extremely proud of her for listening.